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I have to keep sane in a world of senseless noise

12 March
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  • zerr00

I'm the Owner and Maintainer of the Unofficial Blutengel Fansite... on of the few English sites out there too :)
AOL IM: zerr00
Yahoo IM: wood_elves


My Vampire Freaks Profile

our LJ Chincoteague Community

my AudioScrobbler Account (my live internet Playlist)

[WNRN 91.9: Subculture Shock, Sunday at 10-12pm]
Charlottesville, VA
The Best of Gothic and Darkwave Music

Alternative Goth Musicians of Virginia

Charlottesville Goths

South Eastern VA Goths

The Norfolk Goth Meetup

[Fabulous Disaster: Starts @ 9pm and No Cover. 18+ welcomed but you
must be 21 to drink and an ID to enter. @ Hartz, 1049 Independence
Blvd, Haygood Shopping Center, Virginia Beach, VA](but due to a FIRE
this is currently a dead nite, they are currently trying to find a
home, hopefully by Winter.)]

[The Dawning @ The Outback Lodge;
anything goth/EBM/Darkwave: Saturdays from 10p - 3a, 21- $6 and 21+ $4,
917 Preston Ave, Charlottesville VA]

[DOOMGloom @ The Wave; Goth/Industrial/EBM: Every Tuesday @ 9pm?, all ages, 21- $5 & 21+ $3, 4107 Colley Ave, Norfolk, VA]

[Sacrosanct @ The Nanci Raygun: Punk, Rockabilly, Psycobilly,
Horrorbilly, Death Rock: Mondays @ 10pm, 18+ and $6, 929 W Grace St,
Richmond, VA]

[retrolution @ Mars Bar: Goth/Industrial/Synthpop/EBM: Wednesdays @ 10pm, 18+ No Cover, 115 N. 18th Street, Richmond, VA]